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Marko Malink

Associate Professor of Philosophy , Classics

Office Address: 

Department of Philosophy
5 Washington Place
New York, NY 10003


(212) 995-4179

Areas of Research/Interest: 

ancient philosophy, philosophical logic

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Marko Malink is Associate Professor of Philosophy and Classics. He received an M. A. from the University of Leipzig (2004), where he studied Logic and Ancient Greek. He earned a Dr. Phil. in Philosophy from Humboldt University of Berlin (2008). His primary area of research is ancient philosophy, especially ancient logic and metaphysics. Malink also has interests in the history of logic, philosophy of language, and linguistics. His book Aristotle’s Modal Syllogistic was published by Harvard University Press in 2013. His co-authored article “A Method of Modal Proof in Aristotle” (with Jacob Rosen) was selected by The Philosopher’s Annual as one of the ten best articles published in philosophy in 2012. Prior to joining the Faculty at NYU in 2014, Malink has held positions at Humboldt University of Berlin and the University of Chicago.

Selected publications:




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