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Philosophy Events 2014–2015

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General Colloquia

Colloquia are on selected Fridays from 3:30pm to 5:30pm, and will take place in the second floor seminar room (room 202), 5 Washington Place, unless otherwise noted. Refreshments will be served. For more information, please call the department at (212) 998-8320.

Additional 2014–15 colloquia announcements to come.

Fall 2014

September 122014 Mala Kamm Lecture: Lydia Goehr (Columbia) Reading Danto’s Red Squares as a Political Thought Experiment, Or, “Catching the Conscience of our Kings.”
September 26Taneli Kukkonen (Otago, NYU Abu Dhabi) "Averroes on Infinite Time" Show abstract.
October 32014 Diversity Lecture: Timothy McKay (University of Michigan)
October 17Jennifer Lackey (Northwestern) "Group Lies"
November 14 Alex Byrne (MIT) "Knowing that I am in pain"

Spring 2015

March 6 Kieran Setiya (MIT) "Selfish Reasons"
April 10 Angelica Kratzer (Amherst) "Deconstructing attitude reports: in search of a center" Show abstract.

Mind and Language Seminar

Readings are available here. (Contact Yu Guo for password)

  • 27 JAN - Paul Horwich - Introduction
  • 3 FEB - Gideon Rosen - Fictionalism (and not just about numbers)
  • 10 FEB - Kit Fine - What is metaphysical realism?
  • 17 FEB - Ian Rumfitt - Dummett’s legacy
  • 24 FEB - David Wong - Relativism about morals, etiquette, and the law
  • 3 MARCH - Mike Williams - Deflationary quietism
  • 10 MARCH - Sharon Street - Constructivism as the way to avoid skepticism
  • 24 MARCH - John MacFarlane - Truth-relativism
  • 31 MARCH - Paul Boghossian - Realism and anti-realism about aesthetic value
  • 7 APRIL - Dorit Bar - Truth and realism
  • 14 APRIL - Seth Yalcin - Expressivism (and not just for normative domains)
  • 21 APRIL – Crispin Wright - Faultless disagreement
  • 28 APRIL - Anthony Appiah - Relativism and Tolerance
  • 5 MAY - Huw Price - Naturalism

Washington Square Circle

Semi-regular presentation and discussion series among the NYU student community. One of us presents work in progress, writing samples, or whatever one needs a comment on. Spring semester meeting on Tuesdays at 7.15pm in the 3rd floor seminar room. As usual, there will be pizza and beer.

  • 03/03 Ian Grubb
  • 03/24 Chelsea Rosenthal
  • 04/07 Asya Passinsky
  • 04/21 Andrew Lee
  • 05/05 Camil Golub

Joint events with the New York Institute of Philosophy

April 27, 1:15-3:15 pmFrancis Wolff (ENS, Paris): "What is Music?"
Panel discussion with Paul Boghossian (NYU/NYIP) and Christopher Peacocke (Columbia University).
Location: 5 Washington Place, Room 202. A reception will follow.