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Richard Foley

Professor of Philosophy ; Vice Chancellor for Strategic Planning

B.A. Miami University Ph.D. Brown University

Office Address: 

70 Washington Square South, Room 1243
New York, NY 10012



Areas of Research/Interest: 


Curriculum Vitae


Recent Papers

“An Epistemology that Matters,” in Essays in Honor of Philip Quinn, ed. P. Weithman, 2008.
“Belief, Degrees of Belief, and the Lockean Thesis,” in Degrees of Belief, eds. F. Huber and C. Schmidt-Petri, 2008. 
“Universal Intellectual Trust,” in Episteme, 2005.
“A Trial Separation between the Theory of Knowledge and the Theory of Justified Belief,” in Ernest Sosa and His Critics, ed. J. Greco, 2004.

“Roderick M. Chisholm,” in MacMillan Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2004.

“Justified Belief as Responsible Belief,” in Contemporary Debates in Epistemology, eds. M. Steup and E. Sosa, 2003.

“Conceptual Diversity in Epistemology,” in The Oxford Handbook of Epistemology, ed. P. Moser, 2002.

“Epistemic Rationality as Invulnerability to Self-Criticism,” in Essential Knowledge, ed. S. Luper, 2002.

“Review of Timothy Williamson, Knowledge and Its Limits,”Mind, 2002.

“Three Attempts to Refute Skepticism and Why They Fail,” in The Skeptics: Contemporary Essays, ed. S. Luper, 2001.

“What Am I to Believe?,”Naturalism: A Critical Appraisal, eds. S. Wagner and R. Warner, 1993.
        Reprinted in J. Crumley, Readings in Epistemology, 1999.
        Reprinted in H. Kornblith, ed., Epistemology: Internalism and Externalism, 2001.
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