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Robert Hopkins

Professor of Philosophy; Chair of Department

PhD: Cambridge, 1993
MPhil (B): University College London 1989
BA: Cambridge 1986

Office Address: 

Department of Philosophy
5 Washington Place
New York, NY 10003


+1 212 992 8300

Areas of Research/Interest: 

aesthetics, philosophy of mind

Rob Hopkins came to NYU in 2012, having previously taught at the University of Sheffield and the University of Birmingham. His research is mostly in the philosophy of mind and aesthetics. He has worked on pictorial representation and picture perception (the subject of a book, `Picture, Image and Experience´ 1998), on other topics central to the philosophy of the visual arts, including the aesthetics of sculpture, photography, painting and film; and on other mental states that relate in interesting ways to our perception of pictures: perception itself, experiential imagining, and episodic memory. He’s also written on the epistemology and metaphysical status of aesthetic and moral judgement. Work on these topics has appeared in various journals, including Mind, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Nous, Journal of Philosophy and Philosophical Review. In 2001 he was awarded a Philip Leverhulme Prize in recognition of his research. For several years he was Honorary Secretary of the Mind Association. He is current President of the European Society for Aesthetics. In 2014-5 he is running a research project, funded by the Templeton Foundation, on the relations between historical and aesthetic understanding.

Selected Publications

‘Imagining the Past: On the Nature of Episodic Memory’ forthcoming in Memory and Imagination ed. Fabian Dorsch and Fiona McPherson.

‘The Real Challenge to Photography (as Communicative Representational Art)’ Journal of the American Philosophical Association 1:2 (329-48).

‘Episodic Memory as Representing the Past to Oneself’ in Review of Philosophy and Psychology 5:3 (2014), 313-331.

‘Factive Pictorial Experience: What is really special about photographs?’ Nous 46:4 (2012), 709-731.

‘Seeing-In and Seeming To See’ Analysis 72:4 (2012), 650-9.

‘What Perky Did Not Show’ Analysis 72:3 (2012), 1-9.

‘How to be a pessimist about aesthetic testimony’ Journal of Philosophy 108:3 (2011), 138-157.

‘Imagination and Affective Response’ in Reading Sartre: On Phenomenology and Existentialism ed. J.Webber (2010), 100-117.

‘Moving because Pictures?’ Midwest Studies in Philosophy XXXIV: Film and Emotion (2010), 200-218.

‘What do we see in film?’, Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 66:2 (2008), 149-59.

‘What is Wrong with Moral Testimony?’, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research LXXIV:3 (2007), 1-24.

‘Critical Reasoning and Critical Perception’ in Knowing Art ed.s M.Kieran and D.Lopes (2006), 137-153.

‘Aesthetics, Experience and Discrimination’, Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 63:2 (2005), 119-133.

‘Thomas Reid on Molyneux's Question’, Pacific Philosophical Quarterly 86 (2005), 340-64.

‘Molyneux's Question’, Canadian Journal of Philosophy 35:3 (2005), 441-464.

‘Painting, Sculpture, Sight and Touch’, British Journal of Aesthetics 44:2. (2004), 149-166.

Kant, Quasi-Realism & the Autonomy of Aesthetic Judgement’ European Journal of Philosophy 9:2 (2001), 166-189.

‘Beauty and Testimony’ in Philosophy, the Good, the True & the Beautiful ed. A. O' Hear, (2000), 209-236.

Picture, Image and Experience: A Philosophical Inquiry. Cambridge University Press, 1998.

‘Explaining Depiction’, Philosophical Review, vol.104, no.3 (1995),.425-455.

‘Resemblance and Misrepresentation’, Mind 103: 412 (1994), 421- 438.

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